The cover of this issue illustrates an important piece of our history. One of those events that change the fate of so many people. The one shown on the cover is the first photoelectric sensor in worldwide with cylindrical housing diameter 18, that our Company realized in 1977. Then we were at the beginning of the Third Industrial Revolution, when the introduction of the computer and electronics allowed a big jump forward in the automation production processes, and it started a radical lifestyle process change. Probably a lot of people do not know about it, but M.D. Micro Detectors (which at the time still had its name Diell) was the first to launch that shape, which then became a standard for the sensor market.

It is important to know our own history, fully understand our roots, and to have awareness of our excellences and limitations, to be conscious of our strength and figure out where we need to improve. To learn from our mistakes so that they will be no longer repeated. This is critical to project ourselves into the future and to build on solid and sustainable foundations.

And towards this future we set off with courage, decision and sometimes boldness. Aware that nothing is easy, but that each of us can contribute to build a future that is worth to live.

We want to support giving an industrial perspective to this country. We want to help providing continuity and enhancing a technological heritage and work culture which comes from an ultra-centenary tradition. We must defend our great industrial and entrepreneurial tradition, our economic identity to deliver them, enhanced, to our future generations, so they could defend them and exploit them in turn. We have received from our great-grandparents, grandparents and parents a huge economic, technical and business asset, that for some time someone is consciously and unexpectedly destroying. Who are we to afford such a mess, and pass on to our children a heritage largely impoverished, from all points of view, with respect to the one which we have received from our parents? Where is our pride?

M.D. Micro Detectors is a group living in a global world and achieving the majority of its business volume in overseas markets. Living and working in the World we can say that the industrial and entrepreneurial fabric formed in Emilia-Romagna and in other Italian regions, it has technological economic and professional highest level values and it did not really have anything to envy to the most advanced areas of the world .

Italy is not only culture, art, food, tourism and fashion, but also science, technology, industry and entrepreneurship. All activities which we can perform at the highest level and which we should exploit more and more. All activities for which we have demonstrated the ability to play with brilliance and creativity, with sacrifice, hard work and sense of duty.

With the development of new products, particularly the ones with I / O Link on board, and with the new organization, which led us to a considerable increase of productivity and efficiency, also M.D. Micro Detectors is entering as protagonist in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Industry 4.0 is no longer a slogan, but a new evolution in the industry, where the sensors and the organizational systems hold and will play an increasingly important role.

Talking about the Future and future generations, in the last three years we have developed a lot of connecting and supporting activities in high school. As you will read in detail in this number, we are investing time and resources, gradually increasing, in order to support the educational activities of the technical schools of our district. We strongly believe in the active role which companies can play in order to open to the students a window on the world of work. Companies can play an important role in the educational development of future working generations. Not to neglect the fact that those activities are for companies: an opportunity to learn about profiles to integrate in their organic.

The year 2016 is drawing to a close. It has been another busy year but positive. The path of growth of M.D. Micro Detectors continues. It continues with the same vigor the implementation of both the products plan, and the one of investments.

Even Finmasi Group confirmed in 2016 a further improvement in results and performance. The Group-wide set strategy is producing the expected results, and the achievement of them requires to our people, first of all, our President Marcello Masi, to work hard. What does all this mean for us? A confirmation that the road taken is the right one and that the business approach is needed to address the difficult times which we are actually facing. But our mental approach is always the same: nothing is yet done for us and everything is still to be done. We are just at the beginning: the best is yet to come.

Giacomo Villano
Chief Executive Officier
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