Introducing our new range of Plastic Capacitive sensors in DC
Big news also in the M.D. Micro Detectors capacitive sensors range: the entire series has been revamped to make our sensors even higher performing whilst still being easy to use!

Capacitive sensors are one of the pillars of the M.D. Micro Detectors catalogue and they get an excellent feedback from the market, especially in recent years, since we are experiencing a steady and substantial growth in terms of numbers.

The improvements follow three main directions: the greater ease of use of the sensor is accompanied by further improved technical performance, as well as a unification in a few models of all the typical features of this technology.

All new C18 and C30 sensors completely replace the current range.

The enhancements can be summarized below:
  • Increased EMC immunity
    • ESD discharges up to 40 kV
    • radiated electromagnetic fields up to 20 V / m
    • electrical transient / burst up to 4 KV
    • overloading up to 2 KV
    • conductive disturbances of up to 20 Vrms
    • magnetic fields up to 60 A / m (continuously), 600 A / m (pulse)
  • Improved mechanical features
    • vibration (10 to 150 Hz, 1 mm)
    • shocks (2 drops from 1m, 100 falls from 0.5m)
    • shock (30 g, 11 ms)
    • IP69K protection
    • signaling LED moved to the backside of the sensor, for a better visibility during adjustment
    • multi turns potentiometer for a more precise adjustment
    • same size between shielded and unshielded models
    • the same length of threaded part of the current models
  • Best electronic features
    • increased efficiency of the compensation to the presence of dust / moisture for a better reliability
    • better stability to variations in the working environment temperature
    • possibility to connect up to 3 sensors in series
The M.D. Micro Detectors capacitive sensors find their application in different sectors:
  • Animal feeding- to detect the food level within the feeders;
  • The plastics industry- to detect the level of the plastic granules inside the feed hoppers of the extrusion machines;
  • Agricultural machinery, earthmoving, lifting machines – typically they are installed within the control joystick and detect the presence of the operator's hand in order to activate the commands only if the operator is in his working station;
  • Liquid level control in tanks;
  • The wood industry- to detect the presence of panels.
We invite you to contact us so our dedicated staff can introduce and explain to you the new features listed above.
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