New Ultrasonic series UK1
M.D. Micro Detectors is the only Italian company and one of the few in the world, to design and manufacture ultrasonic sensors, mainly used in industrial automation. In the long history of M.D. Micro Detectors, the ultrasonic technology is the last one we introduced and, at the same time, the one growing more than the others to a market feedback level. In particular, over the last four years, the ultrasonic sensors have become one of the supporting beams enterprise architecture and solid long-term growth plan that we are putting into practice.

M.D. offers a family of high technological and qualitative level, which are accompanied by a fast, flexible and reliable service, both as regards the production and the distribution, and as regards the development of variants of the standard products. In this way we can provide the best application solution, faster than our competitors, to meet customer needs.

The entire production cycle is done internally in a dedicated manufacturing area which during 2015 was revised and enlarged to meet the very significant growth for number of pieces produced and to keep the technological evolution of products themselves.

The technological development of this family has been massively strengthened with the introduction in 2011 of the Lean methodology, which is why, in view of "continuous improvement", M.D. has thought to give something extra to an already advanced product both for application and reliability, making it even more powerful and easy to use.

From this assumption it was born the objective to create some the versions of ultrasonic sensors UK1 series, which will be launched very soon on the market. The new features introduced , compared to current versions, will allow to replace the currently proposed models, providing to our customers a number of important advantages which are reported below:
  • Synchronization function, to avoid interferences in all applications where you use multiple sensors;
  • - A new electronic platform, which will provide to the sensor a biggest stabililty and immunity to environmental disturbances;
  • - A working temperature range extended to - 20 ° C ... + 70 ° C;
  • - Power supply 10 ... 30 Vdc, even for the analog versions;
  • - Laser marking on all models;
  • - Same working distance, both for plastic models and for the metal ones
  • - A new teach-in button, to have a better feeling by pressing it as well as a more simple and immediate use;
  • Three LED indicators: green (eco received), Yellow 1 (Output 1 ON), yellow 2 (exit 2 on);
  • A new simplified programming menu;
  • The Factory Reset function;
  • The button lock function, to prevent tampering.
The available models will be:
  • Digital single output (NPN or PNP - NO / NC) with synchronization function;
  • Analog single output (I or V - positive / negative slope) with synchronization function;
  • Mixed Output (1x Digital + 1x Analog) with synchronization function;
  • Double digital output (NPN or PNP - Standard / Coded / hysteresis window) with synchronization function;
  • Double digital output (NPN or PNP - Standard / Coded / hysteresis window) + 1 x analogue output (I or V) without double synchronization function;
The synchronization function allows to reduce the mutual interference problems between the sensors, where these (up to 10) are installed in a short distance among them. By connecting the synchronization inputs together (pin 5 / grey wire –there is no need to switch off the system, the sensors can be synchronized even if powered up and running), the sensors are forced to issue all in the same time window. Any interference echoes due to reflections, reach, therefore, the sensors out of the correct detection window.

There are special models available, where the sync function is replaced by the multiplexing function. In this case the sensors (up to 4), can be connected by forcing each of them in a different time window. In any position and in any distance the sensors are mounted and with any shape of the object to be detected, mutual interference is eliminated.

The next step in the product development is the introduction of the IO-Link communication, which allows the complete check of all product features.

The M.D. Micro Detectors ultrasonic sensors find their applications in various sectors. Just as explanation, certainly not exhaustive, we may mention:
  • Plastics industry detection: level plastic grains within the feed hoppers of the extrusion machines;
  • Agricultural machinery, earth moving , lifting machines: distance detection among rows, from ground, control of balancers extension;
  • Tanks Liquid level control;
  • Wood / glass / metal panels presence detection independent of color, transparency, gloss, etc;
  • Machines for waste collection: waste level inside the box, bin presence, operator presence.
M.D. Micro Detectors, always sensitive to market demands, offer a new solution to their customers to have more efficient machines, cutting edge, able to compete with the international competition on all markets.
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