Area Sensors range model CX has been extended
After launching the new family of CX area sensors in metal housing, M.D. Micro Detectors have decided to further expand their range of Area Sensors with the introduction of CR0: the new photoelectric array with reflector.
After ultrasonic sensors, M.D. Micro Detectors have therefore developed a new family of products with IO-Link communication system, so as to offer their customers new solutions more and more in line with the paradigm of Industry 4.0.
CR0 series light curtains are optoelectronic devices used for detecting the presence of any object obscuring or reducing the light intensity of light beam, that returns from the reflector . The housing is made of blue aluminum section 20 x 36 mm; in practice we used the same compact profile as manufactured for CX area sensors. On the top of the sensor sits the teach-in button for the product setting and adjustment. It is made of a transparent material to allow good visibility of the LED indication. The optical window is made of PMMA and the protection degree of the product is IP67 .
In all models of CR0 series there are two LEDs to indicate the various status of the sensor: alignment, optics condition and fault indication. These LEDs are placed in the upper part of the curtain and we have sorted components capable of emitting intense and diffuse light in all directions to ensure excellent visibility in all conditions and in all industrial contexts in which the sensor can be used.
The CR0 photoelectric arrays have an optics composed of a continuous series of lenses with 10 mm pitch for a total height of 69mm; the functions of the individual elements are alternately emission and reception thereby realizing a continuous succession of six pairs of reflex elements, with polarized light emitted and having a wavelength of 617 nm.
The nominal working range is 0.2 ... 5 m with reflector RL106G (42 x182mm), but also other reflectors can be used such as, for example, RL105 (40 x 90mm), RL135 (20 x 100mm) and paper RL100D. The minimum detectable object diameter is 6mm.
All models of CR0 series have a button placed at the top of the curtain for the activation of the menu functions: Teach-In and Blanking.
There are two ways to Teach: the standard is the Teach G (rough teach), which selects a Margin 2 and the variant is the Teach_F (fine teach), which selects a gain excess of 1.2 times the threshold. This second adjustment mode can be used only in the case in which the system and the environment allow a large cleaning and mechanical stability.
The sensor does not use automatic systems of signal tracking, but its repeatability is based on a sophisticated control of thermal drift.
The blanking of rays allows to adapt the height of the active optic window to the specific application, progressively eliminating pairs of beams. The active couples range from a maximum of six to a minimum of one.
The electrical connection is of the pigtail type, consisting of an M12 male connector - four or five poles - with 220 mm cable.
The models of the CR0 family have four interface circuits which can be combined in different ways depending on the model and the number of output cables:
  • Current supply 15...30 V
  • Output IO-Link or SIO (C/Q), PNP/NPN/PUSH-PULL
  • Auxiliary output (Q): PNP/NPN/PUSH-PULL
  • Auxiliary input for selecting commutation impulse LIGHT/DARK or other
You can find as follows some examples of possible applications where the sensors of CR0 family can be used:
  • Detection of the front edge, to optimize the distances between the objects on the separation strips and on the conveyors.
  • accurate and reliable detection of the front edge of flat wooden planks, to prevent disruptions of the process .
  • Reliable detection of products with no jagged edges, to ensure the quality of the process.
  • Pick-to-Light, to guide the operator to withdraw the material from the right positions
With CR0 sensors, M.D. Micro Detectors expand their family of Area Sensor, a type of products that were first developed and launched on the market precisely by our company. CR0 is an innovative product that can take on even greater significance in the context of Industries 4.0!
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